Primal Neapolitan Cheezecake

Primal cheezecake

My all-time favourite ice-cream as a child was the good-old classic Neapolitan. It was considered a special treat in our house, and would only be found in the family freezer when we were expecting guests. Oh the excitement whenever mum would pry open the plastic container and the other children and I would be glaring at the ice-cream with anxious anticipation as we loudly discussed amoungst ourselves which flavour we wanted or which flavour we wanted an extra scoop of.

So as I sat in mum’s garden today, looking at her beautifully red, ripened strawberries laying across the garden bed, I began to reminisce about the good old days, and decided to hand-pick more than a handful of the delightful red beauties to make one of my favourite childhood treats with a primal-twist.

Primal Neapolitan Cheezecake

Base Ingredients

1 cup medjool dates

1 cup raw almonds

Filling ingredients

3 cups raw cashews (soaked in hot water for an hour and drained)

¾ cup melted coconut oil

1 cup coconut milk (full fat)

¾ cup coconut nectar/maple syrup

½ tsp vanilla extract


5-6 ripe strawberries or frozen

1 tbs raw cacao powder

1 tbs maple syrup

Ganache Topping Ingredients (optional)

1 cup coconut butter (solid coconut oil)

½ cup raw cacao powder

½ cup maple syrup



Line a round 8-inch baking tray or equivalent with baking paper. Both the base and the sides.

Blitz the almonds in the food processor to a course meal consistency. Remove from the bowl. Add the dates to the food processor and blend to a smooth, thick caramel consistency. Add the course almond meal to the date mixture and blitz together until combined.

Press the base mixture onto the base of the lined baking tray, ensuring to pack the mixture in firmly using your hands. (Wet your hands as you press to avoid the sticky mixture from sticking to your hands).

Place the tray in the freezer to set.


Throw all the filling ingredients, except the “extras” in the food processor and blend together until a smooth, creamy consistency is achieved.

Remove the base from the freezer and pour one third of the filling on top of the base. Return to the freezer to set.

Remove half of the filling mixture from the processor bowl and put to the side.

Using the filling that is left in the processor bowl, add the extra raw cacao powder (1 tablespoon) and the extra 1 tablespoon of maple syrup and blend together until smooth.

Remove the tray from the freezer and pour the chocolate flavoured filling on top of the vanilla filling layer. Return to the freezer.

(This part gets a bit fiddley, but it’s well worth it!) Wash the food processor, dry and reassemble. Pour the remaining filling that was left aside into the food processor bowl, add the extra strawberries (as much or as little as you like) and blend together until smooth.

Remove the tray from the freezer and pour the final layer of strawberry filling on top of the chocolate filling layer and return to the freezer to set.

Freeze together for a minimum 4 hours. I left mine in overnight.

When the cheesecake is ready to serve, remove from the freezer to thaw for 10 minutes as you prepare the optional ganache topping.

Chocolate Ganache topping:

Place all the ganache ingredients in the food processor and blend together until smooth, pourable consistency is attained.

Use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl in between blitzing to ensure even and smooth ganache.

Pour the ganache on top of the cheesecake to serve and enjoy!

Store covered in the freezer and thaw before serving. Best eaten within 2 weeks (but I highly doubt it will last that long!)

Enjoy in health! x




Deena Jane

Deena is a holistic Nutritional Medicine student from Sydney. She’s a passionate “health nut” and “gym junkie”. After being diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory bowel disease called Crohn’s from the age of 12, and being exposed to various strong medications and painful medical procedures from such a young age, Deena soon realised that she needed to do all things possible to take control of her life and gain her health back. After making some changes, she immediately noticed how much of a positive difference diet and lifestyle could make to my health and wellbeing. Deena credits her newfound health, energy and strength to adopting the Paleo diet and Primal lifestyle. After achieving health and wellness through her paleo lifestyle, she wouldn’t want to live life any other way. Deena is working on launching her own website to share her knowledge and personal experiences… “Because good health evolves from the kitchen”.

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