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Jayce Love-Attard

Jayce is truly a rare breed, and I mean this in the nicest way possible. My favourite things about him are that he eats turmeric root straight out of the ground, he is training to become an elite Navy clearance diver (the fittest of the fit!) and his surname starts with ‘Love’. Living up to his name, he is truly a humble, grounded and balanced soul with lots of positive energy to share with the world.

Our interview wasn’t your typical café meeting or conference call. We met on Bondi Beach where Jayce put me through my primal paces and challenged me to a partner workout complete with battle ropes, crawls, sprints and jumps. It was epic! But the best part was working up a hunger and enjoying a post workout primal feast before finally getting back to business.

Jayce’s passion for holistic health is infectious. As a practitioner of real food nutrition and functional movement, Jayce is a perfect example of someone who lives and breathes a natural and balanced lifestyle. His healthy mindset has allowed him to achieve some incredible feats including competing in and winning the world F45 Playoffs title in California earlier this year, and creating his online business Train Holistic.

And he’s just 24 years of age.

Jayce firmly believes that diet, daily movement patterns and lifestyle choices have a big impact on your health and wellbeing. Seeing his father battle with chronic illness was just one catalyst which drove Jayce to changing his ways and discovering a paleo lifestyle.

Food and eating is one of the very few REAL things that exist in life. The food we eat is responsible for the prana or life giving energy and educated, mindful eating should be for all.

A natural athlete, inspiring young health leader and someone with a incredibly bright future ahead, Jayce shares some of his food and lifestyle inspiration with Paleo Foodies.

Briefly describe your path to good health…

My path to holistic health came about as a result of a few things. Firstly, nearing the end of schooling years I became interested in a career in the Royal Australian Navy as an elite Clearance Diver. This led to me to begin exploring and researching ways to really focus in on performance, recovery, training and nutrition to achieve consistent progression and ensure my best chances for the challenging and lengthy selection process.

Jayce Love-Attard


The other major contributor to my current focus on health and wellness came about due to the experiences associated with my Dad’s journey of chronic illness.  He suffered from kidney disease for 10 years before receiving a transplant. Being so closely exposed and involved to the challenges of this experience with my Dad encouraged me to invest a deep interest into possible methods of using nutrition and lifestyle factors to overcome the disease. I also wanted to do everything possible to give myself the highest chances of never being personally affected by chronic illness.

How would you describe your personal philosophy towards food?

Food and eating is one of the very few REAL things that exist in life. The food we eat is responsible for the prana or life giving energy and educated, mindful eating should be for all.

I’ve been known to munch down on straight turmeric root fresh from the garden, dirt and all.

How do you balance good health while juggling a busy lifestyle?

It’s all about meal preparation. Every Sunday morning I go to my local farmers’ market and pick up as much fresh produce and meat as I can get my hands on. I take it all home and have a massive cook up. Everything from breakfast frittatas to roast chicken, vegetables and slow cooked a lamb shanks. I package everything up ready for my week ensuring I’m never unprepared for the ‘fungry’ phase.

Being savvy with snack time is also a big factor. I can’t go past Primal Collective’s roasted crickets, an avocado with salt and pepper or even something as simple as a hard boiled egg if I’m short for time.

Describe your typical ‘day on a plate’?

Paleo Foodies_Train HolisticTypically my plate is high fat, medium to low protein and low carbohydrates. I start my day with a Bulletproof Coffee using Primal Collective Ghee and after smashing out a workout I’ll eat a large meal like a vegetable-packed frittata or a turkey mince stir-fry with kale, broccoli and brussel sprouts. Either option is usually accompanied by a generous chunk of grass fed butter, half an avocado and a side of sauerkraut.

“Every morning I squeeze fresh lemon into a glass of warm water with a double shot of apple cider vinegar. It activates digestive juices and puts hair on the chest.”

Lunch will consist of a grilled piece of chicken breast with steamed vegetables, all sticking to the paleo style of eating.

For my mid afternoon snack before I do a workout I will have a handful of mixed nuts, a hard boiled egg or a homemade primal granola bar.

Jayce Love-Attard


No two nights are the same at home and I enjoy cooking something different so it may be a green chicken curry, slow cooked anything, salmon fillet or if I’m feeling like something lighter, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower in Primal Collectives Ghee.

Supplementation in between meals and my training program is with nothing but The Red Hippo Athlete Blend.

What are your top five essential ingredients?

Coconut oil – I use this in all aspects of my life; to me it’s more than an essential ingredient (as I do use it on my skin also)!

Turmeric – I put turmeric in everything I cook. You can even have a turmeric latte with coconut milk, which is great through the colder months.  I’ve been known to munch down on straight turmeric root fresh from the garden, dirt and all.

Apple cider vinegar – Every morning I squeeze fresh lemon into a glass of warm water with a double shot of apple cider vinegar. It activates digestive juices and puts hair on the chest.

Ghee – I am a newcomer to the ghee craze, having only discovered it about six months ago. It adds such a creamy, delicious flavour to any meal. I’ve been adding it to roast vegetables and using it in my Bulletproof Coffee.

Ginger – Much like turmeric, I also eat this straight from the ground. This miracle root I add freshly grated into salads, thickly slicing for tea, mincing for paleo sweet treats and chopped for curries and savoury food.

As a foodie, what are your favourite types of food?

I have a bit of a fetish for a really good cut of pasture fed red meat. I would take a medium rare fatty rib-eye fillet over a sweet treat any day!

What’s your favourite ‘go-to’ healthy snack or meal at home?

When I get the chance, I make a massive batch of my coconut zucchini bread, which is unreal toasted and smeared with ghee and avocado.

What are some of your favourite restaurants / cafes and what do you like about them?

Asana in Brisbane – Owned by my paleo-spiration (yeah, it’s a thing), Pete Evans, the sweet potato fries are the best thing to have graced my mouth.

Bondi Wholefoods – Great mix of an awesome and ever-changing menu and ridiculously good looking people!

Paleo Foodies_Wholefoods


Ora in Manly – This is a new favourite, with a very big focus on gut health and organic produce.

Primal Pantry in Brisbane – This café has one of those menus that you could close your eyes and point to anything and you’d love it.

What’s your top travel destination for experiencing great, real food?

To be brutally honest, I have travelled to a lot of different destinations throughout Indonesia, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Thailand and Mexico. However, I find that we are very spoiled for choice on our home soil, particularly living in Sydney, which in my opinion has the most accessible and diverse cuisines available. Call me uncultured but every time I go abroad I just can’t wait to get back and eat at home.

Do you have a recipe that you can share with us?

The very addictive Primal Zucchini Loaf.

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