BBQ Mango Cheeks with Lamb

BBQ Mango Cheeks with Lamb

Mangoes are one of my favourite fruits. In my opinion there’s no other food that speaks of summer quite like mangoes, and when combined with a good ol’ Aussie BBQ I’m in mango heaven. What other fruit goes perfectly in savoury dishes like salads and in sauces and dressings for meat, as well as smoothies and mouth watering summer desserts.

I especially love mango in salads with chicken, in smoothies with tumeric and coconut (absolutely divine if you haven’t tried it!), barbecued and frozen as it goes creamy just like sorbet.

I was delighted to learn recently that the Australian mango season extends to March-April, so we still have a bit more time to enjoy these beautiful golden fruits that Australia has affectionately embraced since the 1800s.

There are many varieties available, including Kensington Prides (the most commonly available), Calypsos, Honey Gold’s and R2E2s, and also some lesser-known, smaller yielding, but just as delicious varieties, such as Palmer, Keitt, Kent, Pearl and Brooks that are starting to become available as well.

So to celebrate the final months of fresh mango, I am sharing a simple BBQ Mango recipe from The Australian Mango Industry.

BBQ Mango Cheeks with Lamb


2 x fresh Australian mangoes
8 x lamb cutlets
Coconut oil (or cooking oil of choice)
Salt & pepper for seasoning

Dressing Ingredients

1 x long red chili, finely sliced
1 cup coriander leaves
Juice from 1 lime
Honey / coconut sugar to taste


Start by making a mango hedgehog but without turning mango cheeks inside out.

Heat and lightly oil the BBQ hotplate, add the lamb (seasoned with salt and pepper) and mango cheeks making sure the mango is flesh side down. Cook lamb to your liking and the mango until it is caramelised.

For the dressing, combine chili, coriander, lime juice and stir in honey or coconut sugar to taste.

To serve turn mango cheeks inside out and place on a large platter with cooked lamb, drizzle with dressing and serve.

Alison Sims

Passionate about real food and healthy living, Alison Sims is the founder and author of Paleo Foodies. She is on a mission to discover the best paleo dining in Australia and all around the world. What started as a part time blog in 2013 has lead to a full time career for Alison, who previously spent a decade in Advertising and Marketing. She is now a regular contributor to health and lifestyle publications, a public speaker in food and health, and co-publisher of Paleo Foodies Magazine.

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