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The Raw Kitchen is a place that cares as much about serving and sourcing great food as it does about the way food makes us feel.

Its ethos is grounded in the idea that the food choices we make should not just be based on our health. Although this is important, sustainability, ethicality and respect for our environment are also important factors in the food served, which is what makes dining at The Raw Kitchen such a rewarding and memorable experience.

The Raw Kitchen

Established in 2009 by Emma Gilbert (student of integrated medicine) and her partner Heath (naturopath), in 2013 they opened their current café, smoothie bar and health food store in Fremantle, Perth.

Emma and Heath are passionate foodies who have made it their mission to share what they have discovered in raw, whole food nutrition with as many people as possible. They believe that everyone should have a connection with the source of their food.

Says Emma, “When a person loses respect for their food source they begin to lose respect for themselves and the planet we live on. It is important to put effort into food preparation and it is important to care about the back story of the food; this is where sustainability and ethical issues are acknowledged.”

Since its humble beginnings, Emma has witnessed a shift towards cleaner and more conscious eating in her community. “We’re certainly seeing a move toward cleaner, whole foods based eating even more broadly, be it completely plant-based (ie. vegan), paleo, or flexitarian which is very encouraging to see.”

The menu at The Raw Kitchen is quite unique. They describe the food as “progressive, delicious, real, honest food from whole food, quality ingredients.” Everything is free from preservatives and all artificial additives and is made fresh and by hand in the kitchen.

The Raw Kitchen

The team at The Raw Kitchen are often met with surprise from customers who don’t expect to see dishes like nachos, club sandwiches, pizza and cheesecake – which makes it an interesting experience.

“What makes our restaurant different is predominantly the menu. We seek creative expression within our discipline, which is uncompromising in the exclusion of many ingredients that are a staple in most kitchens - sugar, preservatives, artificial additives, wheat, gluten, dairy and meat.”

Some of the menu picks include the popular raw nachos; the live zucchini pasta with tomato pasta sauce, avocado, mushroom, and kalamata olives, basil, ‘parmesan’ and cracked black pepper; and the raw sandwich on dehydrated flax bread with avocado, marinated mushroom, mango salsa, fresh salad, raw cashew mayonnaise and alfalfa. For something warm (not all their dishes are raw) try the organic soup of the day or a wheat and gluten free pizza.

The experience offered by The Raw Kitchen goes well beyond the food – their goal is to provide a space for people to “come and be, for community, to relax, explore and connect.”

The Raw Kitchen

Housed in a refurbished 1920s warehouse, they have their own yoga studio, a large upstairs space for events and workshops, and their own retail store stocked with speciality products, books, organic skin and home care and local, eco and handmade giftwares.

“For us, we’ve always believed that a memorable customer experience is about much more than just the food so the venue, the styling, the service and the aesthetic has always been a key focus for us, along side providing quality food choices.“

It’s easy to see why The Raw Kitchen has appeal to a broad range of tastes, and paleo diners form a large part of the regular clientele. The common link between different diets is the preference for food sourced from people who care about the world we live in and have a genuine interest in how the food is produced and prepared.

The Raw KitchenVisit The Raw Kitchen

The Raw Kitchen is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, and for dinner Friday through Sunday. They offer workshops, private functions and catering. Address: 181A High St, Fremantle

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