From vegetarian to paleo – why I eat meat


For as long as I can remember, I have been a vegetarian.

Mollie Millington

Mollie Millington

It started off when I was in primary school and I was a picky eater (I should say I had tuna sandwiches for lunch every day until secondary school but that was the only meat). It has been a fairly easy lifestyle as it limits my choices when I eat out, making it simple to order. My parents have gotten used to it and are usually accommodating but my grandparents have repeatedly forgotten about my choice. I guess they are a bit old school.

Many times people ask me why I am a veggie, if it is a morale choice. This lifestyle choice started because I just never liked the taste of meat (or was afraid to try). It was much easier to tell people I was a vegetarian to rule out may foods I didn’t like rather than going through a list of options. I don’t think people should eat veal because of the animal welfare aspects or certain endangered species of fish, but otherwise I believe it is up to people to eat what they want. Well I did until I started researching the Whole30 and Paleo programs.

Many of my fitness blogging friends have tried Whole30 and repeatedly sing it’s praises. I read ‘It Starts With Food’ and was intrigued. The claimed results really resonated with me. The regime seemed to highlight many problems that I was having and possible causes from my eating habits. Growing up, I experienced Achilles tendinitis and most recently plantar facsciitis. In 2005, I developed severe skin allergies on my hands, (probably from formaldehyde exposure in a biology lab).  It flares up a few times a year which makes it tricky to work and train, as well puts my at risk for infection. I have always been a terrible sleeper.  Regularly, I wake up many times during the night which means I easily nod off during the day. I also have a sweet tooth (ice cream, chocolate, dessert, you name it!) which lately has developed into fizzy drinks a day habit to keep me awake at work.

Could removing dairy and processed foods help me feel better? Remove my physical pains? Help me feel more rested? Slay my sugar dragon?

My goals on the Whole30 were to:

- Try different kinds of meat (and hopefully enjoy them), which will make my training more effective and reduce the need to fill up on carbs
- Kick my sugar habit to the curb
- Quit Diet Coke
- Reduce the occurrence of my skin allergy flare ups
- Sleep throughout the night without waking up

Over the next few weeks, I will be telling you more about my experience, what you can expect when you convert to the Whole30 lifestyle, how to keep it cost-effective and what to do when your 30 days end. Stay tuned for three more articles on this topic.

For more about me, visit my website here or follow the links in my bio below.

Mollie Millington

Mollie Millington is the ‘Happiness Personal trainer’ based in London, UK. She offers in-person training, eight-week ‘Back on Track’ virtual training program, and six month nutritional coaching as a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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