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Nat and Andi - Eat Fat Be Lean

They made fat the new #phat long before Times Magazine published the infamous ‘Eat Butter’ cover that caused a stir in health circles all around the world earlier this year. Their latest book Eat Fat Be Lean is a collection of paleo inspired recipes demonstrating how you can “have your cake and eat it too!” Andi and Nat make healthy eating not only achievable and practical, but fun and entertaining. As full time mothers and both running full time businesses, they understand the challenges in feeding their young families and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dinner with Andi and Nat_web banner_NEWThis dynamic and entertaining duo will our special guests at an exclusive Dining Event with Paleo Foodies next month where they will explain the principles behind their ‘eat fat’ philosophy. Join us for a paleo dinner and cooking workshop with Andi and Nat, where you will learn more about why fat is vital, how low-fat foods can actually make you fat, and discover some healthy and tasty sugar alternatives. Click on the image to the left for more details. Below is my interview with best selling authors Andi Lew and Dr Natalie Kringoudis. Find out why they eat two breakfasts, why they LOVE  to eat fat and their favourite recipes and dining hot spots!

Meet Andi and Nat

How would you describe your personal philosophy towards food?

Nat: I’m a whole foods girl.  If it doesn’t grow in the ground or roam on the land, don’t touch it. Andi: If you can kill it or grow it, you should eat it! Eat as close to nature as possible and organic where possible for nutrient dense food.

Can you tell us the story of Andi and Nat – how did you both meet and what led you to become co-authors?

Nat: Andi and I had known each other for a long while through the wellness circles and mutual friends.  Andi had a vision, not too dissimilar to my own and she asked me to come on the Eat FAT journey with her. Not short of a year later we had ourselves a mini library of books helping others to get on the Eat FAT movement. Andi: Everything she said…haha! Nat was a great blogger and writer. She is a rare human that writes the way she speaks. We have a similar sense of humour and we like to educate through entertainment. She’s been amazing to work with and we are now best sellers with both Eat Fat series.

Eat Fat Be LeanHow did your latest best seller ‘Eat Fat Be Lean’ come about?

Eat Fat Be Thin, our first book is full of scrumptious dessert recipes – mostly because when you suggest to remove sugar from a person’s diet the first thing they want to do is eat sugar. So having easy, delicious recipes on hand for a sweet treat was our focus. But in doing so, our audience wanted savour recipes too and we had more of a paleo inspired message to share, so Eat Fat Be Lean was born. There was a huge request for ‘savoury’ recipes from our Eat Fat Be Thin fans and readers and people wanted to know more about primal food and Paleo inspired eating, so we came up with a combination of that!

What’s next for you both? Can we expect to see more books?

We both have more books on the horizon! The sky is the limit and we just love to share. Andi: I have been collaborating with my editor and we are teaching people how to self publish with seminars. I have been running a cooking school in St Kilda and hold regular workshops which you can find out about on Nat and I also filmed a TV pilot show with a great producer friend of mine I have worked with years ago. It has been great to get interest from several networks and we hope that comes off soon! I am currently writing my 6th book which is about social media dating apps! It’s a bit of fun and nothing to do with food or health!

What are your top tips for balancing good health while juggling a busy lifestyle?

Nat: Preparation is key. But it’s also creating healthy habits. We are both in the habit of healthy living so it simply is second nature. If you have your cupboard and fridge full of good nutrient dense food, you can never go wrong. And we take our kids on the journey with us much of the time – meaning they too can enjoy the ride and inherit good habits right from the get go. Andi: Regular chiropractic care is my top secret for keeping well and being productive! Removing nerve system interference through chiropractic adjustments is key for optimal health.

What are your top five essential (paleo) ingredients in your kitchen?

Nat: Coconut oil – fabulous metabolism booster Oily Fish – full of good fats helping us to stay young and healthy Nuts – again full of good fats and amazing brain power nutrients Olives – packed full of good fat, antioxidants to help to repair cell damage Eggs – hands down our favourite go to. Good protein power to help tick nutrition boxes and keep the body satisfied on every level. Andi: Coconut Flower Nectar from Coconut Magic – it’s low GI and tastes incredible as a sugar alternative Tahini from Spiral Foods – it’s organic and a great fat. It’s made from sesame seeds. We always eat nuts but forget about seeds. Lots of fresh green which are great for alkalising if you eat meat. Almond meal – an essential baking ingredient and substitute for flour Cacao – preferably from PowerSuperfoods. It’s rich in protein and magnesium

As foodies, what are your favourite types of food?

Andi airs more towards pesco-paelo and Nat includes a little more meat although not great amounts.  Fresh produce, loads of leafy greens and colourful vegetables are high on our list of daily nutrients. We both love the same type of food. Eggs and a staple. Hummus is another all time great – we love to quickly whip it up and feed it to our kids! Japanese and fresh fish and greens, we love all the sweets too from our books. It means you CAN have your cake and eat it too! Amazeballs are our other absolute fave.  So easy to make and so satisfying! (Recipe in Eat Fat, Be Thin)

What does a typical day on a plate look like?

Nat: Eggs are often for breakfast (after a lemon water upon waking), or our body builders breakfast which is a delicious sweet potato filled with goodies (from Eat Fat Be Lean) Lunch is often the biggest meal of the day – often we’ve exercised in the morning so it’s a stew or soup or in the warmer weather fish depending and a similar type of thing for dinner! We don’t discriminate – sometimes we eat chia seed cake for breakfast! Andi: I train a lot and eat six small meals a day to keep my body fuelled. I try to eat fats and proteins with every meal and carbs minimal. No processed foods and sugars and a lot of fresh, live foods. I eat two breakys: kale omelette, Forage cereal with sheeps yoghurt and nut milk. Salmon salad or meatballs and usually a veggie soup and boiled eggs or avo after night training. Lots of snacks and recipes from the books.

What are some of your favourite restaurants / cafes in Melbourne and what do you like about them?

We both love We Are Combi in Elwood. We are both fans of Japanese food and our favourite fish spot is Hunky Dory!

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