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We believe that each and every person has been placed on this world to make a difference, we love to guide and assist souls to find their bliss and go and follow it!

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With Carla (L) & Emma (R) at my launch event

Meet The Merrymaker Sisters! Social media sensations, paleo ‘master chefs’ and authors of four delicious paleo recipe ebooks! They hail from Canberra and are single-handedly putting our nation’s capital on the map with their infectious passion for exploring and discovering all the great things about living in the ACT. Emma and Carla Papas are the faces of ‘The Merrymaker Sisters’ – if you haven’t already heard about them you mustn’t be on social media!

They are destined for very big things and in the year that I have known them, have taken the health and wellness sector on and inspired thousands of people to join them on their journey of blissful, healthy living.

Here’s my very entertaining and candid interview with these two gorgeous, energetic and beautiful-inside-and-out ladies (it’s long but well worth it!)

Tell us about ‘The Merrymaker Sisters’ – how did it all start, and for people who don’t know you, what’s it all about?

We’re Emma and Carla Papas also known as The Merrymaker Sisters. We’re authors, holistic health coaches, paleo recipes developers and social media nerds! We’re passionate about sharing the benefits of the paleo lifestyle and ways to live happier and healthier. On our merrymaker hub we share original recipes, nutritional information and wellbeing advice. We believe that each and every person has been placed on this world to make a difference, we love to guide and assist souls to find their bliss and go and follow it!

How did your business come about?

We were sick of feeling sick, fed up with counting calories, beyond tired from the guilt we felt after eating, with low self-esteem and terribly confused as to why we felt this way. We were in this obsessive whirlwind of fad diets, quick fixes and negative body image. When we looked around this seemed completely normal, everyone was spinning.

This unhealthy way of living needed to stop, so we searched for something that would work.

Was it that we found paleo, or that paleo found us? We’ll never know but we’ll be forever grateful for what it has brought into our lives. Not only good health but a fire in our tummies (aka passion) to share it with the world!

Choosing to live a paleo lifestyle was one of the best decisions we EVER made. After two weeks living paleo we’d never felt better and we knew we were onto something good!

Being the food lovers we always have been, we started to share pictures of our paleo foodie creations to our personal social media accounts and our followers started to grow organically. We then realised we needed a place to document all of our recipes and thoughts so we googled ‘How to start a blog’ (seriously!) We both studied and worked in the Communication industry and were passionate about health and wellbeing and so began The Merrymaker Sisters. We haven’t looked back since and feel truly lucky to have found a career path that makes us happy and gives us a sense of fulfilment. We always say ‘To Merrymake, is to follow your bliss, passion, dream’ and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Describe your ‘path to paleo’ and personal philosophy towards food…

Our personal philosophy has and always will be do what works for you and what makes you feel good. We’re huge advocates for bio-individuality which basically means no two people will thrive on the exact same diet… even we have very different diets!  Our path to paleo has been very interesting! We made lots of paleo ‘mistakes’! But it’s these ‘mistakes’ and paleo ups and downs that have taught us so much about the food we eat and made us more aware of our bodies. We still go through phases of being nut-crazy so at this moment in time, we’ve actually decided to say no to nuts (mainly as an experiment… we’re going to blog about it soon!)

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Two things: knowing that we’ve got a full day ahead of us of merrymaking – writing, cooking, creating, photography – and also our breakfast! Mmm super food smoothies!

Describe each other in five words…

EMMA: I’d describe Carla as confident, amazing, smart, beautiful and my BFF

CARLA: Emma is compassionate, patient, SoSuperCreative, amazing and TheBestSisterEver

What do you love most about what you do?

We’re living our dream every day

We love that we can help people lead healthier and happier lives. The emails and comments we receive each and every day make merrymaking even more magical. That our hub and our recipes are positively changing lives!

We’re living our dream every day. Especially now that we’re leaving our desk jobs and embarking on ‘project full time merrymakers’! Watch out!

Describe a typical day of eating. What would it look like?

Breakfast would start with a glass of lemon water followed by a super food smoothie!

For a snack we might have a piece of paleo choccy!

For lunch we’d enjoy some paleo savoury bread with whatever dinner was the previous night… left overs rock and we always add half an avocado each for good fats and energy!

For dinner we’d have something delish like our paleo chicken thigh bake, or a zucchini pasta!

Then for dessert, you can’t go past our paleo 1 minute mug cake (it’s quick, easy and delish!) We usually have around 2-3 paleo treats each week, not every day… because they are still treats!

What are your top five essential ingredients in your kitchen?

Ooo! Good question! Avocado, sweet potato, grass fed/organic meat, raw cacao powder, paprika! That was really hard to decide… we feel like we’ve left many favourites off!

How would you describe your cooking style?

Three words: quick, easy and delish! That’s it!

What are some of your favourite foods?

Some of our fave foods include sweet potato chips, guacamole, pork belly, our creamy avocado pesto pasta, Mum’s paleo date slice and anything made in a slow cooker (slow cookers seriously rock!)

Who inspires you most and why?

Our three biggest inspirations are Gala Darling, Gabby Bernstein and Sarah Wilson. They are seriously AMAZING and have created businesses and brands that help and guide the world to live healthier and happier. We love them.

Describe one of your most memorable dining experiences … where was it, who was it with, what did you eat?

One of our most memorable dining moments (mind you, this was pre-paleo!) was in Mykonos. We watched the sunset and enjoyed an amazing selection of Greek’s finest food! Octopus, stuffed vine leaves and veggies and souvlaki! Ended it with a shot of ouzo! Ha! What a night! We described it as ‘bliss’ it was the first time we ever used that word… now we use it all the time!

What are some of your favourite local places to eat in Canberra?

Oh! There’s a whole list! You can find it here:

Make-Your-Bread-Paleo_social-shareWhat’s your favourite ‘go-to’ healthy snack or meal at home?

Definitely 100% our paleo savoury bread! We make a loaf every week and freeze slices so we’re never without!

If you had the chance to host a dinner party and could invite anyone in the world, who would you invite?

Gala Darling, Gabby Bernstein and Sarah Wilson… just like question 11! Brad Pitt could come too… as our topless waiter! HAHA! 

What’s next for The Merrymaker Sisters?

Oh! This is an exciting question! We’ve got three new eBooks: Making it Sweet Minus The Sugar, a low fructose sweet treat eBook, Make Your Bread Paleo (yes, an eBook full of paleo bread recipes!) and Make Your Kid’s Party Paleo, this one is full of paleo nut free kids party faves! We’ve just started taking on clients for our paleo/health coaching services all around the world, which just makes us smile so big! Next step, a hard copy recipe book and mobile app! Bring it on we say!

Finish this sentence. When all else fails …

find joy and love in the situation and an alternate route… where there’s a will… there’s a way, just follow that bliss!

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Alison Sims

Passionate about real food and healthy living, Alison Sims is the founder and author of Paleo Foodies. She is on a mission to discover the best paleo dining in Australia and all around the world. What started as a part time blog in 2013 has lead to a full time career for Alison, who previously spent a decade in Advertising and Marketing. She is now a regular contributor to health and lifestyle publications, a public speaker in food and health, and co-publisher of Paleo Foodies Magazine.

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