Fish Ceviche


Are you looking for a light, fresh and extremely healthy dinner? Fish Ceviche is one of my go to meals, offering the perfect alternative to a warm heavy dinner. Packed full of protein, low in calories, low in GI and extremely easy to make, this recipe is foolproof! You can mix up the spices and change the flavour profile, whether you are feeling Mexican, Thai, Italian… just experiment!


Serves 2

2 fillets firm white fish (I have used flathead)
4-5 limes (the juice)
1 orange (the juice)
1 bunch coriander, shredded including root
3 long red chillies/jalapeños, deseeded
2 Birdseye chillies, deseeded
1 red onion finely diced
1 yellow capsicum, finely diced
1 tablespoon salt
Pinch of pepper
Tarragon flowers
Micro herbs


Submerge your finely diced onion, coriander root and chilli into cold icy water for 5 minutes. Rinse and drain then set aside.

Finely ‘cube’ your fish, into small bite size pieces, once cut, rub in approx. 1 tablespoon of salt. Set aside for 3 minutes.

Place your fish, along with onion mixture in a bowl. Squeeze 4-5 limes, and orange over until coating the fish. Leave for 20-50 minutes.

Once your fish has been essentially ‘cooking’ in the acidity, remove from juices. Gently toss the fish and onion mixture with the capsicum, some more shredded coriander and I have used tarragon flowers to pretty things up.

Serve with crisp lettuce cups or tortilla chips.

As easy as that!


K x

Keira Rumble

A Bondi Beach blogger and business owner, Keira Rumble aka "Krumble" has a passion for healthy living and clean eating. Keira is a fellow Paleo Foodie and believes in following a very simplistic approach to food. Having a weakness for sweets, Keira has started a protein ball business, selling her protein balls “Krumballs” NSW wide. Her love for food is is truly depicted through her blog

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