What we should have learnt from our ancestors


Our relationship with food has made a great shift from the way our forefathers ate – wild sources of animal protein, fresh mineral-rich vegetables versus today’s typical Western diet – sugars, grains, dairy and processed foods which has led to the rise of chronic illnesses. The power of Food as Medicine can be achieved by choosing wholesome and nutritious foods free from preservatives, additives, fertilisers and artificial ingredients.  Our eating has to change if we are to save our health.

Our ancestors are great examples of the way we should continue to eat. Here’s how to dig deep back to our roots to find out how to reconnect and establish a healthy relationship with our food.

Choose Organic

Our Paleo forefathers knew nothing of toxic chemical sprays. They knew only of completely natural. Nothing sprayed, nothing genetically modified. Nowadays, artificial fertilisers, hormones and other additives and sprays are used to help accelerate growth of plants and animals as well as maintain longevity of foods. For the sake of our long term health, we should stay clear of anything which has chemical intervention of any sort. Not only is it harmful to our bodies, but it leaves negative consequences for our environment.

Organic is key to good health whenever you can, packed with valuable vitamins and trace minerals which help support the health of the cells in our bodies. Organic is free from pesticides and other toxins absorbed from the soil which have been shown to impact our health.

Organic farming is also sustainable. It was how our forefathers farmed, it is free from toxicity and leaves no dangerous toxicity in the soils. Research shows that babies today are born with hundreds of chemicals in their bodies – identified from the blood in the umbilical cord. Those toxins are passed on from mother to child in utero.

Hormones fed to animals are known to be endocrine disruptors, influencing our metabolism and overall body functioning with dire effects. Choose organic meats, chicken and wild caught fish in order to reap the rewards of nature’s best foods, as intended.



Ditch embalmed foods

Processed foods are loaded with nasties such as artificial flavours, Citric Acid, Colourants and other ingredients, added to help maintain longevity of the product.

Ditch the nasties and instead, choose real foods – foods rich in natural minerals, digestive enzymes and compounds which support overall health – from pure organic dried legumes, rich in minerals to colourful antioxidant-rich berries to spices such as pure unblemished Celtic Salt (naturally processed, free of chemicals). Our bodies need foods which are easily digestible, nutritious and naturally tasty.

Save in bulk

The trend to bulk buying has increased dramatically these past years, with the advent of super stores. Don’t be drawn into these giant stores with processed and over worked foods which mostly do little to enhance our health. Choose organic, clean and healthy in bulk at stores like Naked Foods, which will be certified as the first organic bulk store in Australia.

If you wish to buy just a handful of Inca Berries, or a bucket of berries for your favourite Pie, the choice is yours.  Simply select your chosen product, scoop into a big brown paper bag and pay. What’s more is you can save when you buy in bulk – save time, save money and save your health.



Zero packaging

With a move towards a clean eating lifestyle so comes the need to downscale the footprint we leave behind on the planet. Shopping in bulk enables you to shop once a week or even once every two weeks and even saves you money – no impulse buying and no buying what you don’t need. Naked Foods is plastic-free, offering recyclable brown paper bags to place your produce in. Remember to take along your fabric bag to place your purchases in and a jar or two for your wet purchases such as organic hulled tahini, hemp oil, chemical free soap and shampoo and more.

CaiqueAbout the author

Caique Ponzoni, owner and operator of Naked Foods, was born in Brazil, South America, where the passion for health, life and fair trade goods is an everyday part of life. The company, Naked Foods is an online store, a retailer and a wholesaler of certified organic and natural foods in bulk at bulk prices.

Caique’s grandmother would use produce grown in her garden as much as possible and source the rest from local farmers when making any sort of meal for the family. These memories of Caique’s grandmother allowed Caique to fall in love with fresh tastes of food all over again and these were used to create the concept of Naked Foods.

When Caique Ponzoni began selling spices at entertainment quarter’s farmers markets he realised that customers were looking specifically for fresh organic produce and as a result, Caique introduced his line of organic nuts and dried fruit. It was a natural progression for Caique to introduce the organic dried fruit and nuts range as it was a passion of his since he was young which was passed on from watching his grandmother cook.

Naked Foods believe food products should be consumed as close as possible to the way they are produced in nature, which is why the decision to expand from farmers markets to online retail has been implemented. This means real food with real flavours can reach more people!


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Caique Ponzoni

Caique Ponzoni is the owner and operator of Naked Foods. He was born in Brazil, South America, where the passion for health, life and fair trade goods is an everyday part of life. The company, Naked Foods is an online store, a retailer and a wholesaler of certified organic and natural foods in bulk at bulk prices.

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