Celebrity Chef Pete Evans and The Paleo Way

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He may be better known for his role as co-host and judge of the hit TV series My Kitchen Rules, but chef Pete Evans is on a mission to spread the good news story of Paleo.

When it comes to the world of culinary perfection, taste seems to win over every time. In this candid interview, Pete speaks passionately about his belief in eating the way we were made to eat and explains why a healthy, ancestral approach doesn’t mean forgoing the most satiating food.

The most deliciously decadent dishes in the world can be easily created without the use of wheat, gluten, grains, sugar, toxic oil, legumes, soy and dairy.

Pete’s paleo journey started about three years ago after being inspired by Primal Body Primal Mind, written by Nora Gedgaudas. It was Nora’s understanding of nutrition and how the body worked that prompted Pete and his family to make some life-altering changes in their daily diet. And Pete has never looked back!

“I became very aware of the morbid fact that the current Australian and USA dietary guidelines have no real basis in human physiological makeup or evolutionary history. They have no basis in science or human health and they are sadly a fabrication based on the interests of politics and economics.

“I feel inspired to spread the truth and introduce as many people and families to ‘The Paleo Way’ as possible, as I wholeheartedly believe our future depends on it!”

Pete will be joining forces with Nora in July to tour around Australia to “help motivate, re-shape and drastically improve the quality of not only human health, but the health of our planet too.”

Asked to describe his personal philosophy towards food, Pete says he likes to keep things simple. His diet is based on his understanding of evolutionary science and consists of quality fats, protein and carbs.

“Organic, free range, 100% grass-fed, local animals (nose to tail), wild caught, sustainable fish and seafood, organic, seasonal vegetables, especially the nutrient dense fibrous ones and fermented too, organic eggs from free range, pasture raised chickens, the odd organic fruits here and there, mainly low fructose ones like kiwifruit and berries, lots of herbs, spices, avocado’s and olives, plus the odd activated nuts and seeds. And of course plenty of filtered water. My family and I eat nutrient dense food at every meal time and we leave the sweet, starchy style paleo desserts and snacks for special occasions only.

“At the end of the day the proof is in the pudding. Our ancestors ate a mostly grain and legume free diet for roughly 3 million years, over 100,000 generations and suffered none of the diseases of modern civilisation. So it’s clear to me that grains and legumes along with other foods like sugar, soy, processed dairy and toxic seed/vegetable oils are much more likely to cause problems for your health than support your most optimal functioning.”

At home, Pete enjoys preparing nutrient dense meals with finance Nic.

“We make so many different healthy snacks, from a quick easy smoothie, to an egg, bacon, veggie scramble, to a refreshing salad or a hearty soup. We always have things like homemade bone broths in the fridge, and cooked meats so that we can whip up meals in no time.”

They shop locally, sourcing organic produce from BU Organics in Bondi Junction and meat from GRUB in Vaucluse. When on the road traveling, Pete says he does his research to find the best choices to eat out and organic stores to pick up snacks. His healthy diet goes hand in hand with his daily exercise, preferring outdoor activities such as surfing to get his dose of vitamin D.

“Like everything a Paleo lifestyle is a choice and so completely doable whether you’re at home or overseas.”

With so many ingredient choices within the paleo lifestyle, naming his top five is almost impossible. But Pete says virgin coconut oil, grass fed animal fats for cooking, herbs & spices, organic, free range, grassfed meat, fibrous veggies and avacado’s, and home made bone broths are among his essential ingredients for optimal health.

His favourite dishes are slow cooked meats and bone marrow, offal (organ meats), fresh oysters, sashimi and vibrant soups.

As a chef, Pete believes that anyone can enjoy great food if they make the right choices.

“It really just begins with a choice to become mindful and the rest is easy. The best food comes from what mother nature naturally provides. All of the most deliciously decadent dishes in the world can be easily created without the use of wheat, gluten, grains, sugar, toxic oil, legumes, soy and dairy.

“Every chef that I know in Australia and abroad that has adapted to a 100% paleo lifestyle is adamant that they would never return to their old habits because of the profound health benefits and the flavourful, satisfying experience that Paleo inspired food provides.”

Dining out is a rarity for Pete, but his favourite places include the Suveran in Bondi Junction for a snack “because we know that the food is beyond Paleo and super nutritious”; Sean’s Panorama in Bondi for some home cooked style food”; and 4 Fourteen, “pretty hard to beat if you’re looking for the best slow cooked meats in town!”

PetHealthy Every Daye Evans is author of eight best selling cookbooks including his latest Healthy Every Day.

He will be on tour with Nora Gedgaudas and Luke Hines in July, presenting ‘The Paleo Way’ all around Australia. For details and tickets go to http://earthevents.com.au/peteevans/


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